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1 Corinthians 3:6


My Monologue

Here is a very helpful verse about service. It speaks of the fact of the difference in tasks, the dependence of tasks, and the dynamic for tasks.

DIFFERENCE IN TASKS. "I have planted, Apollos watered." Paul wrote this verse and uses himself to illustrate that we do not have the same tasks in serving the Lord. Paul did the planting, but Apollos did the watering. God has wisely given different skills and abilities and callings to people. It would be a great waste if we all had the same calling and the same skills.  And the church is not the only place where a diversity of abilities is needed. It is needed in every area of life. One problem in this matter at church is that we sometimes think you must do certain jobs to be involved in serving the Lord. But you do not have to teach or preach or be a missionary to serve God. There are many tasks in church that need doing that are not teaching or preaching tasks.

DIFFERENCE OF TASKS. "I have planted, Apollos watered."  The success of doing our task is dependent upon others doing their tasks properly.  If Paul does not plant, all the watering by Apollos will do no good.  And if Apollos does not water, the planting that Paul has done will fail.  At church many problems are caused by some not doing their job.  This makes the whole church function deficiently.  And it seems that those who are the first to complain about the church not functioning properly are those who have not done their job well.  Your task is important whether it is in the limelight or not.  It is an important link in the chain and if you fail, you will cause others to fail.

DYNAMIC FOR TASKS.  "God gave the increase."  The bottom line is that we must have the dynamic of God or we will fail in our tasks.  All our planting and watering will do no good unless God blesses the work.  We need the dynamic (the power of God) in our service.  And when He gives us His power, and success comes as a result, let us not be slow in praising Him for blessing our work.

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